Floor Care Equipment Rentals, Parts, & Maintenance in Dallas–Fort Worth

At Jan-Tex, we provide those living and working in the Dallas–Fort Worth area with floor care equipment rentals, parts, and maintenance for a wide variety of janitorial and maintenance needs. We understand how important it is to have quality equipment that you can always trust to consistently perform its job. That’s why we offer rental equipment that will provide you with the machine to clean, the parts to fix it, and maintenance to ensure its quality stays consistent.

Our Floor Care Equipment Rentals, Parts, and Maintenance Services in Dallas–Fort Worth:

Floor care equipment rentals: We understand that janitorial and maintenance services need to rent floor care equipment to ensure they can keep their buildings floors clean and looking like new. We offer walk-behind scrubbers, rider scrubbers, propane burnishers, floor polishers, carpet extractors, electric floor polishers, battery floor burnisher, windblowers, grout steam cleaners, carpet spotters, concrete polishers, and propane strippers. We carry nearly every single kind of floor cleaning equipment to ensure you can get any job done.

Floor care parts: Jan-Tex understands that people need replacement parts because sometimes floor care equipment just breaks down. That’s why we stock and can ship out OEM parts to ensure it’s the perfect fit and exact match for your specific floor cleaner. If you’re unsure what part you need, we invite you to bring your equipment in, and we will diagnose the problem and find the right part to fix your problems and get you back in business.

Floor care maintenance: The most important thing that you can do to ensure your floor care equipment rarely malfunctions or breaks down is to provide it with proper maintenance. To lengthen the life of your equipment, you should make sure you are removing any debris prior to scrubbing and cleaning, ensuring you are using the right ratios for chemicals, emptying and rinsing the recovery tanks, keeping it in a dry area, and using protective gear as needed.

For more information or questions on floor care equipment rentals, parts, and maintenance, we invite you to contact us today!